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16 Best LeBron James Shoes

Jun 12, 2015 at 10:07 am |


Getty Images: Ronald Martinez

LeBron James is not only killing it in the finals, but he is also in rare form. To celebrate his early victory and transformation (yea we said it) we here at HHMW have complied a list of our favorite LeBron’s to date. Having a collection of 12 sneakers in total, with over a dozen color ways and variations he have a pretty hearty list. Check out a list of the top 12 Lebron sneakers to date.

Right now where in the mist of the NBA finals and we’re witnessing greatness with Lebron James beastin’ and taking the Cavilers home and in honor of his success, we’ve put together a list of King James’ best Lebron sneakers. Click here to peep our list.

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