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15 Minutes of Fame: Adina Howard

Jul 28, 2015 at 5:39 pm |

adina howard

Adina Howard album art work

In 1994 a young Lady by the name of Adina Howard made her way on the R&B hip-hop scene by way of Grand Rapids Michigan. Adina’s provocative lyrics and image made it hard to ever forget her face or name. But her vocal talents were just as memorable; to date, there has yet to be a sound/image to match or compare. It’s safe to say Adina is the godmother of female artists expressing themselves with huge sexual undertones.

Adina’s debut record¬†Do U Wanna Ride released under Mecca Don/EastWest Records sold an amazing 1.3 million copies. Adina’s “Freak Like Me” is her biggest song to date landing #1 on Rhythmic top 40, few other records and albums after but nothing connected like Do U Wanna Ride¬†record. Adina’s 15 minutes of fame were over in music but a new spotlight shone on her in the culinary world as she released a cookbook, later becoming the resident chef at the popular Michael’s Cafe and Supper Club in Phoenix.

[youtube clipid=”iirDzMk5ysI” autoplay=”0″]

Adina is the originator for the bad girl image of R&B and many have made attempts to mimic Adina, but few have yet to perfect Adina’s image. If you remember this R&B classic feel free to SHARE with fellow fans of the music. (As another note, Adina was one of the first to have a video directed by the legendary Hype Williams!)

“I want to freak in the morning/A freak in the evening just like me…” With lyrics like this, why WOULDN’T you listen?

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