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15 Best Rap Battles: Diss Tracks

Aug 4, 2015 at 6:31 pm |

Since the advent of hip-hop, rap battles (or simply diss tracks) have always made the culture fun and exciting to listen. ┬áThere was also a point in time when an artist would talk indirectly to another artist but that all was put to a stop after a while. Addressing a person on a track and giving them a lyrical verbal a*s whopping is something only a few can really deliver. Here at HHMW, we put together a few of our favorite “Diss Tracks” together. The first one just happens to be my favorite but this list is in no particular order. Call this a gladiator sport and we hope you’ll be entertained.

When it comes to war in music come with your best lyrical ability possible cause your opponent will come with there’s.

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