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100,000 Taxpayers Information Stolen In IRS Breach

May 28, 2015 at 2:58 pm |


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The Internal Revenue Service‘s (or the IRS as we so commonly refer to it) website is not as iron clad or hacker proof as many Americans would like to believe, especially considering the IRS has ALL of their information. This week, the IRS announced that over 100,000 taxpayers were victims of identity theft through their “Get Transcript” system, which requires users to provide personal identifying information such as those used by credit ratings bureaus (e.g. former addresses, etc).

It’s alleged that the number of fraudulent filings is said to be less than 15,000. The IRS breach will find the agency paying for credit-monitoring services for about 104,000 people whose information was stolen, though the agency will send letters to about 200,000 taxpayers whose accounts the hackers tried to access. WOW!

This is some crazy sh*t. If we can’t trust the government, who can we trust? HA. Read the full story here.

An online service manned by the IRS was accessed by criminals who took more than 100,000 taxpayers’ personal tax information and bilked the agency for millions of dollars. Find out the full story here.

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